Save the Children in Georgia

We began our partnership with Georgian families and communities in 1993. During these 25 years, we have gradually shifted our focus from Humanitarian assistance to development programs, and have since partnered with stakeholders and duty bearers on activities for vulnerable children, their families, and communities to ensure that children are safe, protected, and better able to attain their rights in Georgia.

We initiated and supported Child Welfare and Inclusive Education reforms in Georgia through development, piloting, and utilization of new tools, procedures, guidelines, training manuals, programs and approaches. We provided support to Internally Displaced communities, youth, children living and working in the streets and vulnerable families. Partnership with the state resulted in the governmental endorsement of our innovative approaches/programs that are fully funded by the state budget today.

Since January 2016 Georgia office shifted to the Advocacy & Partnership Operating Model which was proposed as an alternative to traditional office structure to ensure low-cost efficient operations, meanwhile focusing on strategic partnerships, developing strong advocacy platform for children rights and ensuring longer term programming with greater involvement of local civil society actors. Our main thematic concetration areas today are Family Strengthening/Alternative Care and Inclusive Education (Basic and Early Childhood) crosscutting Child Rights Governance.