Our Partners

Our partnership with organizations and agencies are value driven and empowering, transparent and accountable. They are based on the principle of mutual benefit, which means that those expected to contribute to the partnership should also derive added value from it, in addition to bringing about changes for children.

The relationships with partners are based on aligned values, mutual respect and recognition of respective contributions and potential. Openness and honesty in working relationships are pre-conditions of trust. 

Save the Children believes that only in this way, will the partnership ensure the continuing commitment of partners and therefore be sustainable.

The list of our major partners includes: Ministry of Education and Science (MOU signed to deliver high quality education for children with special needs), Ministry of Health Labor and Social Affairs (engaged in inter-sectoral disability working group), LEPL-Emergency Management Agency, Association Anika, International Association Civitas Georgica, BRIDGE – Innovation and Development, LEPL - Children and Youth Development Fund (CYDF), Consortium Legal Aid Georgia.

As members of the Coalition for Children and Youth in Georgia (Georgia CSOs working in the field of children and youths) we maintain our role as a board member and lead the work group on Disability. Through joint advocacy, we achieved approval of the children leaving care concept, regulation of church-run institutions and implementation of the violence referral system.